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christian ide hintze (1953-2012)

christian ide hintze (1953-2012)


death is an evil;
we have the gods’
word for it; they too
would die if death
were a good thing.



(13 february 2012) in deepest sorrow and with feelings that words cannot convey the vienna poetry school / schule für dichtung must sadly announce the death of its director, creator
and co-founder, performance & multimedia poet


christian ide hintze



who has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58.

>> online condolence book


>> ide7fold

>> "ideade – adeide" (an evening for ide, 23 february 2012, celeste)

exhibition until april 11, 2014 at sfd, 1070 vienna:
"christian ide hintze. der künstler als lehrer / the teacher as artist"

for ide from sainkho namtchylak:
>> 1.mp3
>> 5.mp3






























photos: © vienna poetry school / andy urban