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the hammock-shaped text of a bizarre moment

conceptual online writing class with ann cotten (usa/aut). open for participation!
you can post in german or english. formats: poems and experimental prose (max. characters: 1,500).
12 october until 23 november 2020, >> (free participation)

the hammock-shaped text of a bizarre moment
(c) heike bogenberger

a long time ago, someone shouted "stop staring like romantics!", he might have also added "and don't write like you're drunk on your own innards". but hardly anyone has ever followed this person's advice. ann cotten's classes demand a conceptual approach to text production, require thinking about what writing is supposed to be, happening alongside the usually necessarily spontaneous writing practice. and also attacking it suddenly in the middle of the night with disturbing reproaches. even though sentimental reasons for writing may remain number 1, still from time to time a desentimentalized look at art must come in and turn the lights back on.


the class is bilingual, english and german. die klasse ist zweisprachig, englisch und deutsch. you can post in german or english.

the class is open for participation from 12 october until 23 november 2020
participation is free of charge. just click on >> teilnahme in the task menu.
in case you do not have an account yet, from 12 october, just register >> here and you can participate.
all text contributions, including the reviews by ann cotton, are public and can be viewed by anyone.


ann cotten

*1982 in iowa/usa. grew up in vienna.
writes poems and prose.
at the vienna poetry school she taught the class "manipjulääschen" (together with hanno millesi) >>
current publications:
verbannt! (versepos. suhrkamp 2016), fast dumm. essays von on the road. (starfruit publications 2017), lyophilia. erzählungen (suhrkamp 2019)
and others