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dial-a-poem_watch-the poet

dial-a-poem by john giorno (performance artist, usa) from the year 1969: recorded with austrian poets – adapted for the exhibition artists and poets, secession vienna, 12 feb. – 12 april 2015).
12 feb. 2015, 7:30 p.m.: watch-the-poet: poetry performances
secession in association with schule für dichtung – vienna poetry school (sfd)

event dial-a-poem_watch-the poet


thurs., 12 february 2015, 7:30 p.m.
organised by sfd
venue: secession, friedrichstr. 12, 1010 vienna
free admission, limited spaces

10 x 10 minutes poetry/performance

ann cotten


zuzana husárová

markus köhle

barbi marković

jörg piringer

konrad prissnitz

sophie reyer

fritz ostermayer

john giorno


secession in association with vienna poetry school

an event of the friends of the secession

>> dial-a-poem_wikipedia

>> john giorno_wikipedia


artists and poets

exhibition curated by ugo rondinone (sui)

with: justin matherly, bob law, michaela eichwald, giorgio griffa, fritz panzer, gerwald rockenschaub, heimo zobernig, donald evans, andra ursuta, michael williams, fritz hartlauer, tamuna sirbiladze, andrew lord, gustav klimt and john giorno

12 february until 12 april 2015

info: >>


john giorno at dial-a-poem, patrick a. burns/the new york times, 1969