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an album for eternity

continuation of the sfd-series.
authors talk with fritz ostermayer about music and text production.
upcoming: 3 nov. 2016 with antonio fian

event an album for eternity

the catalyst of the evening is a ‘favourite album’, brought along by the author and intended to ignite a dialogue about the specific aesthetics and politics of the album and the respective author’s writing. are there subconscious connections between what one hears and how one writes? do authors work in silence? if not, then which sounds inspire them and which make all thoughts impossible? is the rhythm of a text comparable to the temporal structures of notes and intervals? if not, then where is the difference? can reading a great poem generate psycho-physiological emotions that are similar to those experienced when listening to a great song? moreover: when we listen to our ‘favourite album’, are we not first and foremost listening to our own biography?

this series, from 2015 onwards conceptualized in association with literaturhaus wien, will have to focus on passions: the love of music, the obsession with writing and the numerous kinds of resistance that every passion has to overcome. in-between the talks, the authors will read from their work.


guests in 2016:

thurs., 18 february: anna weidenholzer (vienna)

thurs., 14 april: heinrich steinfest (stuttgart)

thurs., 9 june: dorothee elmiger (zurich)

thurs., 3 november: antonio fian (vienna) + screening "against smoothness" videoclips


start: 7 p.m.

venue: literaturhaus
zieglergasse 26a, 1070 vienna

free admission

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