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program 2022

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call / the improvement of all of austria

literature contest
as part of the project "meaoiswiamia" (more than we alone), austria as guest of honour, at the leipzig book fair 2023
deadline: 15 february 2023

book publication / kuhflüstern, weltenformel & paradiesmaschinen (cow whispers, theory of everything & paradiese machines)

publication on the occasion of 30 years vienna poetry school
by sonderzahl verlag
publication date: october 2022
presentation at buch wien: 26 november 2022, 11.30 a.m.!

anne waldman (usa) / entanglement poetics: hybrid of protest and performance

analog short class / writing workshop in vienna
12 & 13 october 2022
teaching language: english!

celebrating 30 years vienna poetry school / the beat goes on

poets / bands on stage: dental princes, erstes wiener heimorgelorchester, smashed to pieces & the very pleasure plus lydia haider & special guest anne waldman
13 october 2022, 8 p.m.
venue: rote bar / volkstheater, arthur-schnitzler-platz 1, 1070 vienna

festival / animals like us (who is the walrus?)

lecture | readings | talks | performances | sound
two festival evenings on 30 sept. and 1 oct. 2022
vienna poetry school in association with schauspielhaus wien

jürgen berlakovich (aut) / acoustic poetics – poesía acústica

masterclass at escuela de escritores (ede) in madrid
12 until 14 september 2022
sfd in association with ede and eacwp

ArtEZ at sfd

transmedia project: "bird watching in vienna". maartje smits and her students from ArtEZ creative writing (arnheim, nl) guests of the vienna poetry school: open classrooms, talks, tours, lectures, presentations etc. may 2022
an sfd & ArtEZ & eacwp cooperation

30 years sfd / an evening at the cinema

"builders of poetry worlds", "loverman's verse", video statements on poetry – ide – sdf; discussion with tina bara, augusta laar, judith nika pfeifer, fritz ostermayer
25 may 2022, 8 p.m.
venue: metro kinokulturhaus, historic hall, johannesgasse 4, 1010 vienna

vienna poetry school call for text submissions 2022

we are looking for short literary texts on the topic of "animals" for:
sfd& tiere (animals)
magazine of the vienna poetry school #4
deadline for submissions: 6 june 2022
(literary form open: poems, prose, drama, etc...)

flash fiction contest 2022

the fifth edition of the eacwp flash fiction contest takes place until 7 may 2022. send in your texts with a maximum of 100 words. participation in 13 european languages.

teach writing

panel debate with bodo hell, orhan kipcak, teresa präauer, ferndinand schmatz & fritz ostermayer on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the vienna poetry school
19 april 2022, 7 p.m.; free admission (plus live stream)
venue: alte schmiede, schönlaterngasse 9, 1010 vienna

kalle aldis laar (ger/aut) / making music with animals

spring academy 2022 "animals"
a sound poetry class based on animal sound samples
20 to 22 april, 27 april – with sound excursion to schönbrunn zoo!
presentation on 5 may and 30 september 2022

martin fritz (aut) / criticism of animals

spring academy 2022 "animals"
as complaints point concerning annoying creatures
open online class from 20 april to 4 may 2022
short prose and poetry, manifestos (in the broadest sense)
free participation (join anytime)

project call / onb web residency 2022

project call of the austrian national library (onb)
in association with the vienna poetry school
wanted: artistic approaches of all formats, whether digital, physical, sculptural, poetic or conceptual. based on aerial photographs from the 1930s "österreich aus der luft" and/or digital collections of "wiener zeitung"
deadline for submissions: 19 april; residency period: 6 weeks from 2 may 2022

track 5' short radio play contest 2022 "let's try it out"

deadline: 7 january 2022
presentation of the top 10 radio plays on 15 february 2022 at alte schmiede. presentation of the winners on 25 february at orf funkhaus, broadcast on 5 march during ö1 hörspiel-magazin

peter rosei (aut) / looking

online class with peter rosei
prose, poetry or (micro)drama (max. 1,000 characters)
19 january until 23 february
participation free of charge from 19 jan (join anytime)