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podcast 2023

in the new sfd podcast, jürgen berlakovich talks to authors, artists and academics from the sfd's circle about literary, artistic, aesthetic and current social issues of our time. an open exchange of ideas takes place in all directions at regular intervals and usually in two-way conversations without time pressure. inspiring, pluralistic, heterogeneous and always in search of new perspectives and outlooks, our own marginal zones and absurdities of thought are used as a launching pad for literary and social field research discussions. the discussions revolve around our relationship between being and appearances, the state of our reality and the long outstanding and urgently needed possibilities of a transformation and redefinition of our existence.

jürgen berlakovich is a writer, musician and sound artist. he writes, composes and produces novels, film music, radio plays, sound essays, audio cartoons and palindrome songs. he uses dna sonifications and linguistic microparticles in combination with guitar, bass and electronics for his compositions and concerts. he runs the jsb-trio, is an ensemble member of the vegetable orchestra and was co-initiator of the literature and music performance duo sergej mohntau. berlakovich studied german philology and philosophy at the university of vienna and has been teaching at the vienna poetry school since 2004. publications and performances also under juergen berlakovich, j.s. berlakovich, jsb and takamovsky.