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from the ivory tower

continuation of this series in 2015.
balcony scenes – first monday every month (except public holidays) at 5 p.m. from sfd onto mariahilfer strasse.

event from the ivory tower

we are “meeting zone”! since 16 august 2013 sfd lies within the sector on mariahilfer strasse where pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should practice tolerance for each other. according to the green party this should already work.

according to us – and this is what it does in sfd’s case – we would like to extend the new horizontal “meeting zone” into the vertical dimension – from the sidewalk up to our corner balcony at house number 88A – and thus bring about casual encounters: between shopping and poetry, everyday life and poetics, walkers and performers, street and ivory tower.

all good things come from above, so they say, and everything is possible: one person may yell poems from the balcony, another one could quite possibly pray, harsh sound poetry could unsettle one or the other passer-by, sung verse could also seduce them to a spontaneous little dance. something popular could follow something cumbersome and vice versa. the “small” form is all-important, because after ten to 15 minutes the apparition will be over, and what remains is – hopefully – a fleeting occupation of public space as poetic intervention. or more pretentiously: the beautiful old utopia of a temporarily autonomous zone.

whoever does stop and escape the consumer-addicted crowds around him/her/it for a short while has won already!

for sfd,

fritz ostermayer


always monday, 5 p.m.

5 january: nadja bucher
2 february: didi sommer
2 march: matthias vieider, winner of slam b
4 may: ernst molden
1 june: marianne strauhs & clemens denk
7 september: stefanie sargnagel
5 october: oliver welter
2 november: bernhard saupe
7 december: fritz ostermayer


– on an initiative by hubert weinheimer

for details >> newsflash

photos: >>

videos: >> (schule für dichtung)


mariahilfer str. 88a, 1070 vienna