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flash fiction contest 2020

for the third time, the european association of creative writing programmes (eacwp) organizes a flash fiction contest – for texts with not more than 100 words! participation in 12 different european languages. deadline for submissions: 15 march (13.00h CET) – extended until 1 april!

project flash fiction contest 2020

eacwp flash fiction contest 2020


after the successes of the last two years (appr. 1,700 texts submitted europe-wide each time), the flash fiction contest is back again!

this initiative aims to promote and encourage literary creation in europe, bringing european writers together in a joint competition.

what is it about?

the contest is open to any participant living in europe (and israel). participants must present a max. 100 wordsflash-fiction text.

the topic is "time of arrival".

texts can be submitted in 12 different languages: english, spanish, catalan, portuguese, french, german, dutch, danish, finnish, swedish, hebrew and czech

the final winner will be awarded a cash prize of € 600,-. the second place will be awarded a cash prize of € 400,-.


thanks to all participants and we wish the finalists all the best!

  • the european winner will be announced on june, 30 (2020).


aims of the contest are:

  • to encourage a european citizenship through cultural and literary interchange.
  • to promote creative writing in the different european languages as a way to preserve our valuable linguistic histories.
  • to foster talent within the field of creative writing in europe.

further info, criteria for submission, registration and text upload:

>> (deutsche einreichungen)

>> (english version)


in 2019, the winner of the flash fiction contest was marc van der holst with his text "(click)". other places included:
second: "t
he english way" by amanda addison (uk)

third: "dopey" by alex merino (spain) and "enjoy your meal" by johnny nys (belgium)
fourth: "seventies idyll" by heidi bobjerg (denmark)
fifth: "the crows" by karl kreiner (austria)


vienna poetry school & eacwp: >> info