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program 2023

sfd& call for texts, topic 2023: pataphysics >> info

for more projects go to >> newsflash


teresa präauer (aut) / food (porn) poetry

open online class
14 to 28 september 2023
free participation (register online and join anytime)

workshop talks and readings / talking out of school

with the sfd writers
markus grundtner, beate knieschek, jakob kraner & maria muhar
27 september 2023, 7 p.m.; free admission; venue: sfd, 1070 vienna

sfd podcast

jürgen berlakovich in conversation with writers, artists and scientists who are connected to the vienna poetry school in various ways

markus köhle (aut) / from the ivor tower special

"kiss the hand, mr. erkermeister" - bay window performance by author & performer markus köhle.
16 september 2022, 4.15 p.m. + 6.15 p.m. (15 min each) from the bay window in zieglergasse/crossing westbahnstraße, 1070 vienna
as part of the event "literaturmeile zieglergasse" - in cooperation with the vienna poetry school

vienna poetry school call for text submissions 2023

we are looking for short literary texts on the topic of "pataphysics" for: sfd& pataphysik (pataphysics)
magazine of the vienna poetry school #5
deadline for submissions: 30 july 2023
(literary form open: poems, prose, drama, etc...)

flash fiction contest 2023

sixth edition of the eacwp (european association of creative writing programmes) flash fiction contest. send in your short texts with a maximum of 100 words. topic: "incorrect". participation in 11 european languages. deadline: 1 april, extended until 17 april 2023!

thomas köck (aut/ger) / channeling grief aka the arts of living on a damaged planet

spring acadey 2023 "confronting the end. anti-apocalyptic writing"
a writing class about emotion, fiction and authenticity in times of crisis
12 to 15 june, presentation on 16 june 2023

derrick ryan claude mitchell (usa/aut) / on vanishing text: words, presence, time out of mind

spring academy 2023 "confronting the end. anti-apocalyptic writing"
a performance-class on the ephemeral and fleeting
5, 6, 7 & 9 june; class presentation on 16 june 2023

kathrin röggla (aut/ger) / spectacular destructions

spring academy 2023 "confronting the end. anti-apocalyptic writing"
a zoom-class about the lust for disaster and its subversive potential
31 may, 1, 2 and 7 june 2023; presentation of a selection of texts on 16 june 2023

sandra huber (can) / automatic writing connecting with your muses, machines, and spirits

a class on the techniques of "automatic writing"
teaching language: english
digital class (via zoom): 22, 23, 25 and 26 may 2023

call / the improvement of all of austria

literature contest
as part of the project "meaoiswiamia" (more than we alone), austria as guest of honour, at the leipzig book fair 2023
deadline 15 february 2023

christof kurzmann (aut) / poésie sonore (unplugged)

experimental body sound class
vienna, 13 to 17 march, class presentation on 30 march 2023
postponed to april 2023, presentation on 20 april, 7 pm at sfd
(no technical know-how needed) few places remaining!

thomas meinecke (ger) / overwriting gender (or: oceanic writing)

experimental palimpsest class
27 to 29 march, plus class presentation on 30 march 2023
apply for subsidised participation until 2 march!

ferdinand schmalz (aut) / she said he said that she had said

online class from 15 february until 1 march 2023 (continuation of the class from nov./dec. 2022)
wanted: micro dramas (max. 1,500 characters each)
free participation (entry possible at any time)

track 5' short radio play contest 2023 "how should i put this?"

deadline for submissions: 15 january 2023
presentation of the top 10 radio plays on 13 february 2023 at alte schmiede. presentation of the winners on 24 february at orf funkhaus, broadcast on 4 march during ö1 hörspiel-magazin