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“new poetry” worldwide – festival map

vienna poetry school/schule für dichtung (sfd) proudly presents an overview of "new poetry" festivals around the world.

what is "new poetry"?

the phrase "new poetry" was used by the late christian ide hintze, founding director of sfd, to describe poetry that went beyond the page, poetry that could have elements of or focus entirely upon sound, performance, visuals or media.

the map below shows a small cross section of festivals that were compiled in the light of this definition of "new poetry". it is a work in progress, starting with 109 festivals in 49 different countries, without any claim to being complete. At these festivals, new poetry is welcome, or is being presented and encouraged (please contact us with any suggestions, corrections or additions to this list:

the global new poetry festival map is an initiative of sfd, featuring, among others, members of the world poetry movement (

realized by adm™ kg | graz | austria for sfd
orhan kipcak, johannes raggam
renée gadsden, antonia plessing, harriet nachtmann (sfd)