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vienna poetry school call for text submissions 2019

we are looking for short literary texts on the topic of anger and rage for:
sfd& wut (rage)
zeitschrift der schule für dichtung wien #01
(magazine of the vienna poetry school #01)
deadline for submissions: 15 august 2019 (texts in german or english can be submitted)

>> call for text submissions as pdf-document (download)

sfd& wut (rage)

magazine of the vienna poetry school #01

we welcome unpublished short texts in german and english from austria and abroad!
please send your manuscripts that deal with the topic “rage and fury” until august 15th, 2019.
the length of each submission may have a maximum of 2,000 characters and all literary genres are accepted.
a jury will select the texts for publication.
for details on the call for texts and participation see the description below.

“wut” (rage)

even if we would like to dedicate ourselves in verse with much pleasure and loyalty to our sfd-patron-saint sappho of love, in her many varieties, we must still acknowledge peter sloterdijk’s statement, that hate speech stands at the beginning of european literature. for already in the first sentence of the iliad we get down to brass tacks:

sing, goddess, of the anger of achilleus, son of peleus,
the accursed anger which brought uncounted anguish on the achaians
and hurled down to hades many mighty souls of heroes…

the proud hero-wrath of achilles may have little in common with the current wrath of the crowd which is proud of its own stupidity – but the warlike theme of hostility unites the enraged across all epochs of humanity. 2,700 years after homer we read in heimito von doderers highly strange novel “die merowinger oder die totale familie” (the merowinger or the total family) the ridiculous sentence, in all of its apodicticity: the rage of the age is deep. Since then our laughter has been exhausted, and the reasons are clear.

short and (un)fine: we don’t want to leave wrath and rage to the right-wingnuts! thus we will dedicate this year’s sfd-festival at the schauspielhaus to rage. title: “gebenedeit sei die wut deines leibes” (“blessed be the rage of your flesh”). hence we are also planning a magazine focusing on the same topic. title: sfd& wut. – maybe the second edition of our new periodical will be forgivingly named sfd& peace-love-harmony.

but until then we’re looking for prose of anger, poetry of wrath, manifestos filled with resentment and rage, shitstorm-dramas, in which one’s blood boils, and hate-songs to make one bolt. this will be a part of the great austrian insult and scorn literature and follows in the footsteps of the very best: thomas bernhard, elfriede jelinek, werner kofler, werner schwab, lydia haider, max höfler and many more. then, as is always the case: anger is an energy (john lydon, formerly johnny rotten).

we are looking forward to your rage-texts!


sfd& wut

magazine of the vienna poetry school #1

deadline for submissions: 15 august 2019
send your texts via email to:
topic: rage (see above)
german and english texts can be submitted.
max. length: 2,000 characters (incl. spaces)/excl. title: word file, named: second name_first name_title
literary form: open
you must enclose:
short bio (half A4 page, max. 1 A4 page) and your postal address: word file, named: second name_first name_data (the vienna poetry school's privacy statement applies:
publication date of the magazine: autumn 2019

terms & conditions:
the text has not been published before.
the copyright remains with the authors.
each author whose text will be published, will be contacted by sfd beforehand. he/she will receive a free copy of the magazine.
we cannot respond to requests/comments about the submitted texts.
the participants in this call automatically give permission that their texts can be published in the sfd magazine sfd& free of charge and that, if applicable, they can also be presented at a public event organised by sfd. they also give permission that their texts can be published either in part or fully on the sfd webite.
by taking part in this call for text submissions the participants explicitly and automatically agree to these terms & conditions.