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"med aan schwoazzn lebdob"

(viennese for: "with a black laptop") - a crime song class in vienna
13, 14, 16 november 2017
class presentation on 17 november (with trio lepschi!)

analog "med aan schwoazzn lebdob"
/ stefan slupetzky (aut)


"med aan schwoazzn lebdob"

a crime song class
with stefan slupetzky, writer, musician and illustrator

crime fiction is booming as never before, crime series are abundant – blood and thunder everywhere. therefore, the question arises: where is the crime poetry? the crime poem? the murder ballad? who – except for rammstein – dares to compose "black songs" in the tradition of h.c. artmann and gerhard rühm?
us – and the lawless class of stefan slupetzky! because: the art of poetry must not become a "safe space"! with artmann's legendary poetry volume "med ana schwoazzn dintn" (viennese for: "with a black ink") at the back of our minds, we dare to approach moritate 2.0. without trigger warning, but instead "med aan schwoazzn lebdob".


about stefan slupetzky (in german):


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(c) julia maetzl