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flash fiction contest 2023

sixth edition of the eacwp (european association of creative writing programmes) flash fiction contest. send in your short texts with a maximum of 100 words. topic: "incorrect". participation in 11 european languages. deadline: 1 april, extended until 17 april 2023!

project flash fiction contest 2023

eacwp flash fiction contest 2023

wanted: flash fiction prose in german or 10 other languages!

the european flash fiction contest is taking place for the sixth time.

this initiative aims to promote and encourage literary creation in europe, bringing european writers together in a joint competition.

the contest is open to any participant living in europe (and israel). participants must present a max. 100 words flash fiction text

the topic is: "incorret"

texts can be submitted in 11 different languages: english, spanish, catalan, portuguese, french, german, dutch (netherlands & belgium), finnish, swedish, hebrew and czech.
(being the german member institution of eacwp, the vienna poetry school receives all german texts for selection of a winner in this language)

the final winner will be awarded a cash prize of € 600,-. the second place will receive a cash prize of € 400,-.


  • text uploads via the form on the eacwp website until 1 april 2023 (13.00hrs CET) - extended until 17 april 2023!
  • publication of the results of the first round on until 15 may 2023
  • popular votes from 15 may until 30 june 2023 on the eacwp website
  • announcement of the european winner on 10 july 2023


aims of the contest are:

  • to encourage a european citizenship through cultural and literary interchange
  • to promote creative writing in the different european languages as a way to preserve our valuable linguistic and literary heritage
  • to foster talent within the field of creative writing in europe


further info, submission, registration & critera:



>> review winners of the eacwp flash fiction contest 2022 (site in german)

>> vienna poetry school & eacwp