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voice and sound improvisation

kurzklasse in wien
18. und 19. juni 2013
unterrichtssprache: englisch

analog voice and sound improvisation
/ sainkho namtchylak (aut/sib)


sainkho namtchylak (aut/sib)

"voice and sound improvisation"

short class in vienna, 18-19 june 2013


description of the master class:

overtone singing and improvisation techniques in contemporary performance art. techniques for voice development based on traditional central asian overtone singing and the contemporary art of sound performance.

5 teaching units

tues, june 18: 17.00 – 19.00

wed, june 19: 16.00 – 19.00

at sfd, mariahilfer str. 88a/stiege III/7, 1070 wien

it is planned to present the results of the class during sainkho namtchylak's poetry performance on june 21 at the ateliertheater.

teaching language: english
conditions of participation:
experience in singing, acting or dancing would be appreciated.

participation fee: 75,- €


sainkho namtchylak, sound and performance artist, poet, overtone singer



© vienna poetry school / andy urban

sainkho namtchylak:

masterclass in traditional central asian vocal music and the contemporary art of sound performance. techniques for voice development based on a study of one’s own voice improvisation and records from central asian vocal music and contemporary vocal music.

"the narrative nature of sound improvisation" – how to expand your inner voice and open new possibilities of intonation in your improvisational singing (experimenting with an old tradition of fairytales from siberia), overtone singing and narration.

the myths of tuvan shamanism are the greatest achievement of the thought of central asia. shamanist myths about the white sky, for example, present a light-giving & life-giving beginning, and that is why the word used is "kyshyning adazy", literally: ‘man’s father’.

the white sky gives light, warmth, rain or snow, "sut deg ak deer" – white sky is man's beginning. as an illustration, here is one myth about the sky, narrated by the storyteller sotpaa sat in 1944.

"in this world, all plants & human beings have their father & mother, the deity created it this way.

deity, man's father, is the sky, that is what they say.

from the very beginning the sky was man's father. so people say."

the roots of myths about the land or man's mother go back to pagan antiquity. the main character in these myths is "cher". the earth.

here is one more example of a myth written down from the words of sotpaa sat:

"one upon a time, when the plain thing used to float by like the wind and the round thing used to roll by like a ball, three storms were raging in this world. first the fire storm blazed & covered all the world with flames. then the water spout caused an overflow & gained a victory over the fire storm & thereby put out the fire, so they say. finally the tempest began & razed the high mountain of sumber-uula. the speck-earth, having emerged from the sumber-uula taiga, which the tempest had destroyed, crushed the water-spout & dried out the overflow.

people say the tempest created this world. in the place of the tempest, rivers, mountains, valley, seas & mankind appeared. so they say.

since that time, father-sky & mother-earth coexist & cannot live without each other. if the fire of the white sky goes out & the heavenly drops of rain vanish, then all things that are alive & all beings on the earth will perish..." such is the symbolism of the myths about the sky & the earth or about "man's father" & "man's mother".

the cultic notions of shamanist myths still live on. even today, every tuvan of old age pronounces the following verse, making an offer of fresh tea to the ghost of the earth:

"mother-earth, i beg you, give me some happiness.

mother earth, i beg you, present me with luck.

mother-earth, i beg you, protect & take care of my children.

mother-earth, i beg you, protect my all home & native".