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acoustic poetics / poesía acústica

klasse im rahmen der escuela internacional de poesía in buenos aires.
juni 2018

analog acoustic poetics / poesía acústica
/ juergen berlakovich (aut)

juergen berlakovich, autor, musiker, klangkünstler und  sfd teacher, vertritt die schule für dichtung beim poesiefestival in buenos aires von 6. bis 10. juni 2018 im rahmen einer kooperation. festival-direktorin ist die argentinische poetin graziela aráoz.

es stehen einige lesungen von juergen berlakovich auf dem programm und folgende klasse:



acoustic poetics

the music of language

acoustic poetry and electronic music production as a field of research and as an inspirational startoff point for writing texts of prose. where does language become sound? is there a semantics of sound? how does the acoustic world around us finds its way into literary narratives? what are the impacts of sound, rhythm, harmony and melody on writing and composing a text of prose? what practical enrichment can the knowledge of acoustic poetry, electronic music production and certain basic techniques of how to work with language as a soundsource and musical material bring to the process of writing? acoustic poetry can give us important technical and artisanal impulses on writing texts of prose as well as helping us to develop new narrative forms that oscillate between literature, sound and music.


programm festival internacional de poesía de buenos aires



lesung juergen berlakovich                                                    klasse acoustic poetics

klasse acoustic poetics
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