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text-sound art & sound poetry

kurzklasse mit johannes bergmark, electroacoustic- and text-sound- composer, sound poet, performance artist, sound sculpture maker, surrealist.
7. dezember 2019, 14 bis 18 uhr; unterrichtssprache: englisch
sfd in kooperation mit dem festival shut up and listen!

analog text-sound art & sound poetry
/ johannes bergmark (swe)

text-sound art and sound poetry

with a background about the fylkingen language group and surrealism


short class with johannes bergmark (stockholm)

surrealist, electroacoustic- and text-sound- composer, sound poet, performance artist, sound sculpture maker


introducing lecture:

i will talk about the two major poetic movements that have been a crucial influence on me:

            - text-sound art (or text-sound composition) is a concept named by two of the major proponents of this intermedia art form at fylkingen in stockholm. i trace this history back to concrete poetry, a concept co-invented by another swedish artist. the movement is very varied and international, though. i’ll play excerpts from this history and discuss the concepts.

            - surrealism is often misunderstood as an art movement, but is now an almost 100 years old living movement where the poetic phenomenon is at he centre of the quest for human emancipation. i look at the specific surrealist concept of poetry and also the largely unknown and hidden history of surrealism and music – and specifically about the sound poetry expressions within the movement.


class activity:

- text-sound work

- sound poetry work

- vocal improvisation



no specific preparations are necessary – however, the participatory part of the workshop is based on interactions with the participating individuals. depending on your specific interests, you are welcome to bring:

            - possible compositions, recorded works, poems etc that you think would be interesting to hear/see or discuss, your own or someone else’s, in this circumstance

            - sound editing equipment (on your laptop) if you are working on something that you would like to keep working on and share, or if you would like to start doing experiments with new recordings or recordings that you bring

            - paper and pens, crayons etc if you want to work with written or graphic poetry as a basis for vocal performance

            - recording equipment if you want to make your own recordings

at the sfd, there is a mixer, microphones and speakers for trying out things.




4 unterrichtseinheiten:

sa, 7. dezember: 14.00 – 18.00 uhr

ort: schule für dichtung, mariahilfer str. 88a/III/7, 1070 wien


teaching language: english

teilnahmegebühr: 40,- €

begrenzte teilnehmerzahl!

>> anmeldeformular (pdf download)



johannes bergmark

*1963 in sweden. since the early 80ies active at elektronmusikstudion as a composer of text-sound work and electronic music. co-founder of the surrealist group in stockholm in 1986 and active in the surrealist movement ever since. mainly working as an experimental musical instrument builder and improvising musician, touring internationally, also using the voice in improvisational music as well as writing and performing sound poetry, influenced by people in the history of surrealism as well as in fylkingen, an artists’ association where he became active in the 90ies, and since then was chairman in two different periods. he also continually writes on different topics and has workshops for all ages, mostly abut experimental musical instrument building.
(fylkingen was founded 1933 and became a society for ”radical and experimental art”, mostly working with new music and intermedia art at the moderna museet in the 60ies, and since the 70ies at its own venue.)


(c) nikos zaragopoulos 2019

colourscape music festival in turku (fin), (c) stefan crämer



schule für dichtung in kooperation mit
hut up and listen! 2019. transdisciplinary festival for music and sound art

tipp: johannes bergmark tritt bei sual am 6.12. auf.
ort: echoraum, sechshauser str. 66, 1150 wien

5. bis 8.12.2019 >>


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