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see me – hear me. city street life poetry.

klasse im rahmen der 20. escuela internacional de poesía de medellín (col)
juni 2016

klasse analog see me – hear me. city street life poetry.
/ augusta laar (sui/ger/aut) & kalle laar (ger/aut)

26. festival internacional de poesía
& 20. escuela internacional de poesía de medellín (col)
18. bis 25. juni 2016


medellin 20th international poetry school
kunst oder unfall – art or accident aka augusta & kalle laar

"see me – hear me".

city street life poetry.

the performance duo of augusta & kalle laar crosses borders between poetry, sound, music and art, defying obvious definitions, and for want of a better description they sometimes call their performances "electro-acoustic poetry lounge".
their work both as a poet and musician or sound artist is often inspired by words and sounds that are surrounding us in our daily lives. but in passing-by we rarely regard them as a potential source material, worth of our attention, a starting point for a poem or a sound piece or both.
in our workshop we want to open up the minds of the participants for the obvious yet hidden messages that the city is constantly feeding us. sounds we hear but never listen to, words that are registered but never reach our consciousness. we look out for this material and use it, transform it, integrate it into our own works, see where it can take us.
in preparation for this we will suggest certain little exercises in writing, looking and listening, and try to expand the visual and auditory perception.
in the end we will present the results as a poetry and/or sound reading/concert with the different approaches and works of the participants, looking forward to where the city words and sounds may take them.


augusta laar (sui/ger/aut)

artist, poet, musician.
exhibitions, projects and performances.
upcoming solo exhibition: birds, dolls & records - the reconstruction of poetry, latvian centre of contemporary art, riga latvia, august/september 2016.
teaches and lectures on piano education, poetry, perception and sound.
augusta directs the international schamrock-festival of women poets (since 2012) and the schamrock-salon of women poets series (since 2009), both initiated by her, and together with kalle aldis laar the schamrock film festival female presence.
long term partner of the vienna poetry school (sfd), both as a teacher and co-operator, frequently conducting collaborations between the sfd and the schamrock-festival and -salons.
(augusta laar knew sfd founder ide hintze very well, early on she participated in several sfd classes and subsequently began teaching her own classes there, which made her an intimate companion and partner of the vienna poetry school.)
the 3. schamrock-festival will host about 50 poets and artists from 18 countries, it will take place on october 21. 2016 in vienna, austria, and from october 28. - 30. 2016 in munich, germany.
publications: "summt dem fall". poetry, edition art science, st. wolfgang 2016; "99 love poems". poems and vinyl records, gedok munich 2012; "weniger stimmen". poetry, with accompanying cd, edition selene, vienna 2004.


kalle laar (ger/aut)

sound artists, author of radio plays, dj.
exhibitions and performances, e.g. venice biennial, havana biennial, transmediale berlin, ars electronica linz.
known for his work "calling the glacier", a telephone connection to a melting glacier, first presented a couple of years ago at the venice biennial.
development of an archive on vinyl records and contemporary history. among others lectures on sound and art, sound and power, and vinyl history. lectureships on perception and sound, the nanjang university singapore.


together augusta and kalle aldis laar form the electro-acoustic poetry duo
kunst oder unfall / art or accident

with performances that include readings, art-performances, concerts and installations, e.g. at the venice biennial, at festivals in amsterdam, toronto, new york, india and latvia.
their activities include the "kunst oder unfall salon : zwischenstation zukunft" / "art or accident salon : interstation future", a communications platform taking place in irregular intervals, where artists and experts of all kinds are invited to deal on their own terms with a given theme, like "fear", "waiting" od "where are we now?".











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