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the many phases & sights of race

ein gedichtband von camilo antonio (text) und ion neculai (illustrationen)
erscheint am 24. november 2015  >>info
sprache: englisch

the many phases & sights of race

"as a performative dialogue between the poet and the graphic artist, this is a critical book that highlights how “race" is a dangerous construct by which one projects attributes of behaviour and/or looks into negative characteristics of a group, which can be turned into ideologies that lead to discriminatory relations, deaths,
genocide and all the inhuman aspects that the holocaust continues to manifest."
ruth wodak, sociolinguist and acclaimed author on discourse studies including racism and the politics of fear


vorwort: fritz ostermayer, prolog: susan katzmann, katya klim, aviott john, epilog: timea junghaus

edition schule für dichtung in wien in kooperation mit urbannomadmixes, wien 2015
isbn: 978-3-9502118-7-0 , preis: 20,- €