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teilnahme der sfd an der "international conference on creativity and writing"

orivesi, finland, november 19-22, 2010

conference organised in co-operation with the departments of creative writing at:

university of Jyväskylä, university of turku, oriveden opisto (orivesi college of arts)
suomen sanataideopetuksen seura SSOS (the finnish society of creative writing programmes), european association of creative writing programmes (EACWP)



participation of the sfd in the conference:

- eacwp meeting: project "fundamentals of poetry" (feb.-july 2011),
participating in this project: 
escuela de escritores, escola d’escriptura, aleph écriture, scuola holden, literarni akademie josef skvorecky, orivesi college of arts, vienna poetry school

- introductions
of schools, colleges and university programmes involved in the conference:
members of the eacwp:
escuela de escritores (madrid, spain), escola d’escriptura (barcelona, spain), aleph écriture (paris, france), scuola holden (torino, italy), literarni akademie josef skvorecky (praha, czech republic), orivesi college of arts (orivesi, finland)
and: the vienna poetry school (presented by orhan kipcak, harriet nachtmann)

- orhan kipcak: internet and interactive media as a literal space. vienna poetry school, austria.

- christian ide hintze: poetry in times of transition: from literary to multimedia, from analogue to digital. vienna poetry school. lecture presented by orhan kipcak and harriet nachtmann

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