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program 2016


for info & more events please visit: >> newsflash

unless otherwise noted, classes are held in german. if you are interested in participating in one of the classes, but german is not your strong point, please contact us at


exhibition / KETTE & SCHUSS (warp & weft)

exhibition maria muhar
23 november 2016 until 31 march 2017, opening on 22 november, 19h
venue: sfd, 1070 vienna

radio ö1 in association with sfd / track 5' short radio play competition "one never knows"

open for participation! deadline: 9 january 2017
presentation of the winners: 24 february 2017 at "orf-radiokulturhaus", broadcast on 14 march 2017 on Ö1 "hörspiel studio"

online festival map / "new poetry" worldwide

an overview of international festivals presenting or supporting "new poetry".

ann cotten (usa/aut/ger) & hanno millesi (aut) / manipjulääschen

class in vienna
12 & 14 september and 28 november,
class-presentation on 29 november 2016

jörg piringer (aut) / performance lecture "data poetry"

tuesday, 22 november, 7 p.m.; free admission
venue: vienna poetry school, 1070 vienna

anne waldman / ambrose bye (usa) / entanglement: a conversation and reading/performance

intro: bernhard widder
november 21, 2016, 7 p.m., free admission
schule für dichtung – vienna poetry school, 1070 vienna

sibylle berg (ger/sui) / hitler was afraid of cats

online class from 6 october 2016 (participation is free. just register on this website from 6 oct.)
now online: >> (in german)

hans peter falkner (attwenger) / "gstanzln"

ditties – we want to write and sing them
class in vienna
14, 16 and 17 november, class presentation on 18 november 2016
details will follow.

oliver welter (naked lunch) & fritz ostermayer / sad sad song

– we are writing melancholy texts for saddest melodies.
class in vienna
10, 11, 13 october, class presentation on 14 oct. 2016 during sfd's festival "1,000 tears deep" at literaturhaus

creative writing – translingual teaching and learning / eu project 2015-2017

classes, symposium, lectures
madrid (esp), vienna, turin (ita)
project funded by the eu's erasmus+ programme

an album for eternity

continuation of the sfd-series.
authors talk with fritz ostermayer about music and text production.
upcoming: 3 nov. 2016 with antonio fian

heike fiedler (ger/sui) / what's the matter?

take the word apart and perform a poem
performance writing
short class in vienna
19 and 20 october, class presentation on 21 october 2016 during the schamrock festival

a thousand tears deep

if catharsis doesn't work, emotion always does.
lectures | readings | performances | music
14 and 15 october 2016, from 6 p.m.
festival of the vienna poetry school in association with literaturhaus wien

get-together of the vienna poetry school / poetry and ...

wednesday, 2 march, 27 april and 1 june, always at 7 p.m.
venue: treubleiben, kirchengasse 20, 1070 vienna

exhibition / "wolpertingerauflauf: mischwesen transmedial aufgetischt"

a transmedia serving of hybrid creatures (>> wikipedia: wolpertinger), according to the book by markus köhle and sabine freitag
14 april until 16 september 2016 at sfd, 1070 vienna

jörg piringer (aut) / rhythm & sound

class in turin, italy, 22 and 23 june 2016
teaching language: english
for eacwp and sfd students fond of travelling!

augusta laar (sui/ger/aut) & kalle laar (ger/aut) / see me – hear me. city street life poetry.

class during the 20th escuela internacional de poesía de medellín (col)
june 2016

performances and poetic acts of sfd

– h.c. artmann. a celebration
95th birthday. organised by: sprachspiel. biennale west.
10 to 12 july 2016
with performances and poetic acts by sfd on 11 june

dorothee elmiger (sui) / how we want to write: questions on writing as a compound or separately

class in vienna
6, 7 & 8 june, class presentation on 9 june 2016

daniel saavedra aguirre (chi/esp/ger) / escritura creativa en español

short class "creative writing in spanish"
for spanish learners and spanish native speakers
23 and 24 may 2016 in vienna

heinrich steinfest (aut/ger) / first sentence and last words

– how to begin and how to end.
short class in vienna
13 and 14 april 2016

markus köhle / weeding tools in the poetry reserve

– prose furrows, swaths in fields of words and tilling sounds. about the cultivation of short forms mixed with speech and a wish for recitation.
class in vienna, held in german
4, 5, 11 and 12 april; class presentation on 13 april 2016

track 5' short radio plays competition 2016 "do it yourself"

online-voting from 25 january until 15 february 2016.
presentation of the finalists: 25 jan. and 1 feb., 8 p.m., at schauspielhaus wien. ö1 radio play gala, 26 feb., radiokulturhaus, 1040 vienna: presentation and award of the winning mini-radio plays

rosa pock (aut) / online-class: scales

online-class on the photos of public scales taken by andy urban.
(inlcuding a visit to the scales and an inn)

1 december 2015 until 31 january 2016