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class in vienna
12 & 14 september and 28 november,
class-presentation on 29 november 2016

analog manipjulääschen
/ ann cotten (usa/aut/ger) & hanno millesi (aut)


the title of this course is a quote from wolfgang bauer's play "change" where a simulation, intensification and, precisely, a manipulation of real processes of one's destiny takes place. the difference between intentional, mischief-directed intervention and the inherent dynamics of the matter soon cannot be nailed down anymore.

during the first two meetings (12 and 14 september) a starting point will be defined. we will find out what we hate and what we can rhyme it with or which precise authorities can be tackled. one cannot always just hate the police.

in a second step, we will begin with various new formations. afterwards, there will be a break for a couple of weeks during which the activities that were discussed are carried out and can flower..

the third meeting (28 november) is a kind of conclusion and we will prepare the presentation (planned for 29 november).


reading list (this list compiles texts that we associate with our undertaking, aspects of it resonate in those works, reading them is not a prerequisite, however, always quite fundamentally recommended)

bert papenfuß: complete works (= no specific work, his approach in general)

thomas raab: die netzwerkorange

kurt tucholsky: rheinsberg

ferdinand schmatz, heimo zobernig: lexikon der kunst

gertrude stein: complete works

ulf stolterfoht: "fachsprachen" verschiedener art (= complete works)

anthony burgess: clockwork orange

yukio mishima: geständnis einer maske

james joyce: ulysses, finnegans wake

arno schmidt: (not his early work, onwards from) seelandschaft mit pocahontas

vincent hunink (hg.): glücklich ist dieser ort! 1000 graffiti aus pompeji

dagmara kraus: kummerang

e. e. cummings: complete works

brigitta falkner: complete works

william shakespeare: complete works

walter serner: die tigerin

cockney rhyming slang (as a language phenomenon in general)

kietz-deutsch (as a language phenomenon in general)

polari (as a language phenomenon in general)


12 units:

mon., 12 september 2016: 5 until 9 p.m.

wedn., 14. september 2016: 5 until 9 p.m.

mon., 28. november 2016: 5 until 9 p.m.

venue: schule für dichtung, mariahilfer str. 88a/stiege III/7, 1070 vienna

class presentation:

tues., 29 november 2016, 7 p.m., venue to be announced


limited number of participants!
course fee: 120,- €
for registration go to: (in german)

2 places are free:
for this class, we offer two free places.
please send your application to:
- text sample(s) (max. 2 pages in total)
- short bio (1/2 to 1 page max.)
deadline: 25 august 2016


ann cotten

>> wikipedia


hanno millesi


ann cotten

hanno millesi