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idiocy & resistance

roaming poetic acts.
an idiot's class in vienna. 30, 31 oct. & 2 nov. 2017
plus presentation at sfd's festival "cross the order" on 4 nov. 2017
open for registration!

class analog idiocy & resistance
/ judith nika pfeifer (aut) & jörg lukas matthaei (ger)


roaming poetic acts.
an idiot's class with judith nika pfeifer (vienna) & jörg lukas matthaei (berlin)


what if the idiots, against all odds, will be the one ones to save the happy life? of course not the presidential psychopaths, who are wrongly called idiots; but the truly idiotic: the kind and the simple-minded. the headstrong ones who do not let themselves be rushed by functional demons. or the happy ones living in their corner of the world and the ones who squander themselves without restraint.

the class will combine poetic acts with raving strolling. one may write, but also simply intervene.
a focus could be on performative poetry, auditive artfulness & hybrid conspiracy theories.
finally, the class with make its idiotic contribution at the sfd festival "CROSS THE ORDER about imaginary geographies and nowhere places" (3 and 4 nov. 2017 at literaturhaus wien).


>> more info, dates & registration form (german website)