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program 2018

info on additional classes and projects to be announced.
for latest news about events see >> newsflash

unless otherwise noted, classes are held in german. if you are interested in participating in one of the classes, but german is not your strong point, please contact us at



radio ö1 in kooperation mit sfd / track 5' short radio play contest 2019 "da ist jemand" (someone's there)

participation from 11 november. deadline: 11 january 2019
presentation of the top 10 radio plays on 11 february at "alte schmiede".
introduction of the winners: 22 february at orf-funkhaus, broadcast on 2 march at radio ö1 "hörspiel-magazin".

online festival map / "new poetry" worldwide

an overview of international festivals presenting or supporting "new poetry".

an album for eternity

continuation of the sfd-series.
authors talk with fritz ostermayer about music and text production.
to be continued in 2019!

christoper just (aut) / trash literature

22 october until 3 december 2018
participation free of charge. just register.

zoltán danyi (srb) / the carcass remover

reading & talk. during buch wien.
9 november 2018, 7 p.m.; free admission
venue: vienna poetry school, mariahilfer str. 88a/stairs III/7, 1070 vienna

anne waldman (usa) / kinetic utopias

short class / writing workshop
23 & 24 october 2018; plus class presentation at the "schamrock" festival of women poets on 24 october
class held in english!

bodo hell (aut) / cow whispering

writing and/or sound class with author & radio play artist bodo hell at his alpine hut in the dachstein mountains. 21 to 24 july 2018 (plus arrival and departure day), alternative date: 2 to 5 august 2018;
pre-meeting in the first half of june at sfd in vienna;
17 october 2018: presentation at sfd, 1070 vienna
(no special mountain experience necessary.) (waiting list)

ebsn conference in vienna / beats and politics – past and present

european beat studies network (ebsn), 7th annual conference:
vienna, 3 - 6 october 2018 (co-organized by vienna poetry school)

festival / melancholy in september – survival of the weakest

lectures | readings | performances | music | exhibition
27 sept 2018, 19h exhibition opening raphaela edelbauer & simon goritschnig (vienna) "melancholy", venue: sfd
28 and 29 sept. 2018, always 8 p.m., venue: schauspielhaus, 1090 vienna
vienna poetry school in association with schauspielhaus wien

"encounters" – sound installation at viennacontemporary

featuring poets of the vienna poetry school (sfd), curated by mia legenstein
presentation fri., 28 september 2018, 3 p.m., art fair viennacontemporary
publicly accessible from 27 until 30 september

exhibition / the achievement of the theory of everything

exhibition of the class with raphaela edelbauer & drawings by simon goritschnig
28 september 2018 until 28 february 2019
venue: vienna poetry school, 1070 vienna

raphaela edelbauer (aut) & simon goritschnig (aut) / the achievement of the theory of everything

experimental writing class.
24 to 26 september 2018; and class presentation at the festival "melancholy in september – the survival of the weakest" on 29 september.
now open for registration!

exhibition / café gerstl to go

exhibition by augusta laar & judith nika pfeifer in connection with their online class "café gerstl"
23 april until 31 august 2018; exhibition opening and interim presentation of the online class on 20 april 2018, 7 p.m.
venue: sfd, 1070 vienna

falco at district court meidling / let's deca-dance

exhibition opening: 1 february 2018, 5 p.m.
courtroom special.
exhibition and performances on the occasion of falco's birthday, presented by courtroom meidling in association with u4 and the vienna poetry school

eacwp & sfd / flash fiction contest

for the first time, the european association of creative writing programmes (eacwp) organises a flash fiction contest, for prose of no more than 100 words. participation in 13 different european languages. deadline: 1 march 2018 (1 p.m. CET); vote online until 15 june 2018!

juergen berlakovich (aut) / acoustic poetics / poesía acústica

class in association with the "escuela international de poesía" in buenos aires.
june 2018

ferdinand schmalz (aut) / this language is made of flesh and stone

28 & 29 may, 4 june 2018,
class presentation on 5, 6 & 7 june in association with "wir sind wien.festival der bezirke."

peter rosei (aut) / the way to you

prose montages: strategy and practice.
writing class with peter rosei.
14 to 17 may, class presentation on 18 may 2018
waiting list.

augusta laar (ger/sui/aut), judith nika pfeifer (aut/ger) / café gerstl

online class from 21 march until 16 may 2018
participation free of charge. just register. (class website in german)

mike hentz (usa/sui/ger) / emotional logic systems

atmospheric and poetic staging.
a class for writing and performance.
30 april, 2 and 3 may,
class presentation on 4 may 2018.
open for registration.

exhibition / imaginary geographies

exhibition by patrick pilsl alias martin dean
until 28 february 2018
venue: sfd, 1070 vienna

radio ö1 in association with sfd / track 5' short radio play competition 2018 "this is not a game"

deadline: 5 january 2018
presentation of the top 10 radio plays on 5 february at "alte schmiede", the winners will be announced on 23 february 2018 at orf-funkhaus, broadcast on 3 march 2018.

talk / charisma command

the ultimate falco-exegesis
6 february 2018, 6.30 p.m.
location: wien museum, karlsplatz 8, 1040 vienna
wien museum in association with schule für dichtung

line hoven (ger) & teresa präauer (aut) / gaga does dada

a class for scratching and writing in vienna.
30, 31 january, 1 february
class presentation on 2 february 2018

performance night / a word/music performance by sfd in the exhibition "gerhard rühm"

fritz ostermayer and friends
friday, 12 january 2018
venue: bank austria kunstforum, freyung 8, 1010 vienna