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johannes bergmark (swe)

johannes bergmark



*1963 in sweden. since the early 80ies active at elektronmusikstudion as a composer of text-sound work and electronic music. co-founder of the surrealist group in stockholm in 1986 and active in the surrealist movement ever since. mainly working as an experimental musical instrument builder and improvising musician, touring internationally, also using the voice in improvisational music as well as writing and performing sound poetry, influenced by people in the history of surrealism as well as in fylkingen, an artists’ association where he became active in the 90ies, and since then was chairman in two different periods. he also continually writes on different topics and has workshops for all ages, mostly abut experimental musical instrument building.
(fylkingen was founded 1933 and became a society for ”radical and experimental art”, mostly working with new music and intermedia art at the moderna museet in the 60ies, and since the 70ies at its own venue.)

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- text-sound art & sound poetry, dezember 2019 >>