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conceptual literature

kurzklasse in wien
26. und 27. september 2014
unterrichtssprache: englisch

analog conceptual literature
/ christian bök (can)

christian bök (can)

short class in vienna
sept. 26 and september 27, 2014

on the occasion of the festival “the death of the author (reloaded). text production after the copyright as we know it“
in association with literaturhaus wien


christian bök (can)

"workshop on conceptual literature"

this class introduces students to some of the techniques of composition, often used by the exponents of conceptual literature. the students can expect to experiment with the four limits-cases of literature:
the "readymade writing" of the unoriginal text; the "mannerist writing" of the constrained text; the "illegible writing" of the unreadable text; and the "aleatoric writing" of the authorless text.

the students need to come prepared with a laptop able to access the internet.


6 teaching units

fri, september 26: 13.00 – 16.00

sat, september 27: 10.00 – 13.00

at schule für dichtung, mariahilfer str. 88a/stiege III/7, 1070 wien


teaching language: english

conditions of participation: good knowledge of english; please bring a laptop (able to access the internet/ wlan at sfd)

participation fee: 85,- €


christian bök

is a renowned canadian experimental, sound and conceptual poet, born in 1966 in toronto.

bök is the author not only of crystallography (1994), a pataphysical encyclopedia nominated for the gerald lampert memorial award, but also of eunoia (2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature, which has gone on to win the griffin prize for poetic excellence. christian bök teaches english at the university of calgary/creative writing faculty.

video: >>
christian bök reads from “eunoia” – in which each chapter restricts itself to the use of a single vowel (inspired by oulipo...).

video:  >>
der kanadische post-konzeptualist christian bök erledigt in seinem forschungsprojekt “the xenotext experiment” nicht nur ein für alle mal den autor- und originalitätsbegriff, er überantwortet die dichtkunst überhaupt gleich an die mikrobiologie und lässt bakterien an seiner statt dichten. zu bestaunen gibt es eine poesie der dna und umgekehrt: die dna der poesie.

>> wikipedia

(c) christian bök


please note that christian bök will be performing and holding a lecture in the course of the festival “the death of the author (reloaded). text production after the copyright as we know it“
at literaturhaus wien (sept. 26 and 27).

further information:

>> "the death of the author (reloaded)"

>> "der tod des autors (reloaded)"