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ebsn conference vienna co-organzied by sfd – public events

from 3 – 6 october 2018 the european beat studies network (ebsn) holds its 7th annual conference in vienna. several evening events open for the public take place during the conference.

ebsn conference vienna co-organzied by sfd – public events

come and join us for the following public events:

4 oct. 2018, 19.00 hrs:

“burroughs and vienna”

thomas antonic: dr. benway meets dr. pernkopf: burroughs and the nazi doctors in vienna 1936/37

ann cotten: kansas or penzing: on the legit reasons for an escape into the costumes of literature

fritz ostermayer: dum dum science

natascha gangl: la manzana mexicana o burros en méxico

judith nika pfeifer: (utterly) emburroughsing archives

venue: alte schmiede, schönlaterngasse 9, 1010 vienna
free admission

5 oct. 2018, 20.30 hrs:

moor mother (usa): solo performance / creative keynote

fiston mwanza mujila & patrick dunst’s impulse percussion (drc/aut): jazz & poetry

venue: porgy & bess jazz club, riemergasse 11, 1010 vienna. ticket sale:

6 oct. 2018, 19.00 hrs:

closing party with performances by:

raven see & ben heal
natascha gangl & matija schellander
michael fischer
william s. burroughs hurts
ann cotten & dental princes

venue: celeste, hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 wien
free admission

more about the conference: >>

the vienna poetry school (sfd) was founded in 1992 and modelled after the jack kerouac school in colorado. the sfd has become a centre of beat-related and counter-cultural activity since its inception, hosting an array of prominent beat figures, including allen ginsberg, anne waldman, ed sanders, and ruth weiss.



ebsn in association with thomas antonic and paul pechmann/university of vienna, fwf research project: transnational literature: austria and the beat generation & vienna poetry school (sfd).