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sfd & eacwp

the vienna poetry school (sfd) was a founding member of the eacwp in 2005. since then, sfd has been taking part in various activities of this international network.


the vienna poetry school (sfd) was a founding member of the eacwp (european association of creative writing programmes, then the encwp, emerging from the "international congress for literary writing" - which was co-organised by sfd - of the german literary institute in leipzig). subsequently, sfd took part in the annual symposia, to which it contributed presentations and readings by sfd-teachers such as juergen berlakovich, FALKNER, renée gadsden, ide hintze, gert jonke, orhan kipcak, fritz ostermayer, jörg piringer and harriet nachtmann

in recent years there have been many productive meetings with individual eacwp members, as well as mutual invitations to conduct classes or participate in various events.

the vienna poetry school was involved in the following multilateral eacwp projects (selection):


symposion & conference in madrid 2023

in may 2023, the eacwp symposium and conference on "the art and the craft" took place in madrid. the vienna poetry school was represented with lectures by fritz ostermayer and orhan kipcak and a workshop by sfd-teacher fabian navarro.
info, abstracts & .pdf-documents of the lectures >>


6th eacwp flash fiction contest

until 17 april 2023 writers across europe can submit flash fiction texts with a maximum of 100 words in 11 different languages. the topic: "incorrect".

>> info


sfd at eacwp symposium

orhan kipcak represented sfd at the annual eacwp-symposium which took place from 11 to 15 october 2022 in arnheim (ned) at ArtEZ university.


masterclass "poesía acústica" at escuela de escritores

sfd-teacher jürgen berlakovich held his masterclass on acoustic poetics at escuela de escritores (ede) in madrid from 12 to 14 september 2022.
a cooperation of ede, eacwp and sfd

>> class info


ArtEZ at sfd

transmedia project: "bird watching in vienna". maartje smits and her students from ArtEZ creative writing (arnheim, nl) visited the vienna poetry school from 2 to 9 may 2022. the programme included open classrooms, talks, tours, lectures, presentations and many more.
an sfd & ArtEZ & eacwp cooperation

project website >>

bird watching at the zentralfriedhof
with klaus nüchtern, bird connoisseur and literary critic (photo by j. berlakovich / sfd)


nawe online conference 2022

the british national association of writers in education (nawe) organised its second online conference from 10 to 12 march 2022. titled "renewal and resilience", numerous writers and teachers of creative writing around the world took part. orhan kipcak represented sfd and talked about the vienna poetry school and joint eacwp projects since 2005.

sfd at nawe conference >>

conference info >>


5th eacwp flash fiction contest

from 25 february until 7 may 2022 writers across europe could submit flash fiction texts with a maximum of 100 words in 12 different languages. the topic: "underground". more than 2,000 texts from all over europe (& israel) were sent in. the german text "interiorising earth's interior" by jeremias heppeler (ger) was the winner.

info >>

winner 2022 (in german) >>


masterclass at escuela de escritores in madrid

sfd-teacher jürgen berlakovich held a class on "acoustic poetics" at the escuela de escritoires in madrid, a partner institution within eacwp. september 2021

>> class info


class "writing in vienna"

in august 2021, sfd hosted once more a creative writing class from aleph écriture, a french partner institution within eacwp.

>> class info


online conference "futures for creative writing" eacwp international pedagogical conference

on 21 and 22 may 2021 phd research students, creative writing tutors and graduates, writers and scholars from around the world could take part in an online conference on creative writing and the eacwp international pedagogical conference (organised by eacwp and university of east anglia, uk). sfd was represented by fritz ostermayer and orhan kipcak at roundtables and by sfd-teacher jörg piringer who taught a short online workshop on acoustic visual compositions.
info on the conference: >>
lectures by orhan kipcak and fritz ostermayer: >>
short class by jörg piringer: >> >>

4th eacwp flash fiction contest

from 26 february until 30 april 2021 writers across europe could submit their flash fiction texts (up to 100 words) on the topic of "outside".


class "plunging into the subconscious"

in august 2020, sfd hosted a creative writing class from aleph écriture, a french partner institution within eacwp.

>> class info

3rd flash fiction contest

in 2020, the eacwp flash fiction contest took place for the third time. from 1 february until 1 april texts with up to 100 words could be submitted, the topic was "time of arrival". 12 different european languages were accepted: english, spanish, catalan, portuguese, german, danish, dutch, finnish, swedish, hebrew and, for the first time, czech. the german texts were again rated by a jury put together by sfd.

more info: >>
the 2020 winner:


eacwp symposium 2019, barcelona

from 22 until 26 april 2019 the annual eacwp symposium took place in barcelona during the st. jordi book day (book fair on the streets in the city centre) hosted by escola d'escriptura. the conference was held at the ateneu (seat of the escola). the eacwp representatives were welcome by the mayor (during a literary breakfast for artists).
harriet nachtmann was again elected on the eacwp board. during the conference individual projects were introduced and new members applied with presentations.


2nd eacwp flash fiction contest

the second eacwp flash fiction contest (ffc) takes place from 1 february until 1 april 2019. flash fiction texts with a maximum of 100 words can be submitted in a european language (english, spanish, catalan, portuguese, french, german, dutch, danish, finnish, swedish, hebrew and norwegian). topic: "not at home". texts in german will be assessed by a jury appointed by the vienna poetry school.
further information:


winner of the ffc 2019: >>

as best german language contribution, the sfd-jury chose the text "the crows" by karl kreiner (graz, aut).
(sfd-jury german language text: anna weidenholzer, fritz ostermayer, harriet nachtmann).
in the final european ranking it won 5th place out of 13 different language contributions.


eacwp symposium & conference, brussels

from 11 to 15 september 2018, creatief schrijven co-organised the annual eacwp conference & symposium (representatives vienna poetry school: harriet nachtmann / also board member eacwp & orhan kipcak / also university of applied arts joanneum). the conference topic was "out of the box"; the vienna poetry school was represented with a paper by orhan kipcak on a transdisciplinary project that connects audio recordings of h.c. artmann & henri chopin from the sfd archives with works of language art & sound design students.
study program soud design/art university graz and fh-joanneum graz & department of language art/university for applied arts vienna
in association with the vienna poetry school


participants of the eacwp symposium 2018

working session

1st eacwp flash fiction contest

eacwp holds its first european flash fiction contest from 15 january until 1 march 2018. criteria: a text in one out of 13 european languages with a maximum of 100 words. sfd is partner for submissions in german and provides the jury for this language. find out more:



(c) eacwp




sivan shiknagy, winner of the 1st eacwp flash fiction contest, at the award ceremony in brussels during the eacwp conference in september 2018


eacwp symposium in vienna

from 25 to 28 may 2017 the vienna poetry school again hosted the annual eacwp symposium. sfd-teacher markus köhle held a short class with participants of the symposium from various european countries, followed by a performance from the sfd-balcony onto mariahilfer strasse.





working session at sfd                                                       experimental city exploration

working session at vienna's "museumsquartier"

balcony performance

participants of the eacwp symposium 2017


eacwp symposium & conference, turin

in september 2016, the annual eacwp-symposium took place in turin. at the same time, scuola holden hosted the third international eacwp-conference on creative writing & storytelling. sfd was present with three lectures (by FALKNER, fritz ostermayer and orhan kipcak) and took part in further lectures & workshops.
sfd participation supported by the european Erasmus+ programme.



or: be relentless and look onto the present!

fritz ostermayer:
a radio play class and its synergetic Interconnectedness with the medium radio

orhan kipcak:
“wider das glatte” – against smoothness”
visualising online poetry. a didactic cooperation between the vienna poetry school and the media design department of fh joanneum graz (university of applied science)


the new eacwp-board 2016 (sfd again represented by harriet nachtmann)

sfd-representatives - FALKNER, harriet nachtmann, fritz ostermayer, orhan kipcak (from left to right)


class "rhythm & sound" in turin

22 and 23 june 2016
class with jörg piringer (sfd) at scuola holden torino. teaching language: english.
organised by scuola holden, the class takes place as part of eacwp's teachers' interchange programme in association with the vienna poetry school and is supported by the european programme Erasmus+.
some places are reserved for participants from other eacwp schools.


© jörg piringer

© scuola holden


class "escritura creativa en español" in vienna

in 2016, a short class on creative writing in spanish with daniel saaveda aguirre takes place in vienna. the class is organised in association with the escuela de escritores, madrid, and supported by the european Erasmus+ programme.


info: >>

fritz ostermayer, daniel saavedra aguirre,               daniel saavedra aguirre & students
harriet nachtmann
© sfd


eacwp and nawe

in 2015, sfd represented eacwp at the conference of the national association of writers in education (nawe) in durham, uk. nawe and eacwp are members of each other's network. an important aim of the conference was the strengthening and fostering of collaboration – across different genres, institutions and cultural sectors and, last but not least, between eacwp and nawe.


from left to right: shelag weeks, gale burns, harriet nachtmann, andrea holland, leen van den berg


class "acoustic poetics" in madrid

class with sfd-teacher juergen berlakovich in 2015 in madrid; organised by the escuela de escritores and supported by the eu’s erasmus+ programme.


© ede


class "asemic poetry & automatic writing" in coruña/spain

in march 2015 sfd-teacher sandra huber (sui/can) taught multimedia writing at the Polisemias festival in coruña.



"teaching creative writing in europe" – eu project 2014

in 2014, sfd participated in the eacwp-symposium in paris and in the international conference on the pedagogy of writing in jyväskylä and orivesi, finland. at the latter, sfd representatives held lectures and classes and took part in a panel discussion and workshops.
project supported by the erasmus+ programme of the eu.


participants of the symposium in paris (© ede)

symposium in orivesi (© sfd)                         class with jürgen berlakovich, orivesi (© sfd)

from left to right: fritz ostermayer, orhan kipcak, harriet nachtmann,
jürgen berlakovich (orivesi) (© ede)


project "melting plot europe"

(2013) writing+visual art+music. a total of nine artists, three each from madrid, turin and vienna met in each of the three cities and formed two project groups with three artists in each one: one author, one musician and one visual media artist. together, they produced a story with words, images and sound.
funded by the culture programme of the eu


>> (partly in german, partly in english)

performance I performance II

bruno galindo (esp), lukas lauermann (aut),    sandra gugic (aut), max carletti (ita), maya watanabe
luca pastore (ita)                                              (esp) at sfd
© sfd


eacwp "1st international pedagogical conference", paris

sfd took part in the paris conference titled “how do we teach creative writing” in 2012. the aim was to exchange pedagogical approaches and practices.

eacwp meeting during the conference: harriet nachtmann, marianne jaegle, alain andré, simone fenoil, louise muller, mariana torres, reijo virtanen, javier sagarna (president eacwp) (from left to right)


eacwp symposium at vienna poetry school

on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, sfd hosted the annual eacwp meeting in 2012 with members from spain, italy, finland, france, the czech republic and the netherlands.

part of the festivities included classes and performances by anne waldman (usa) and amir or (israel), as well as daniel soukup (literárni akademie, prague) who gave a class and presentation. international teaching programmes and poetry schools were presented and a panel discussion on the diversity of teaching took place with:
amir or (helicon poetry school / tel aviv, isr), anne waldman (jack kerouac school of disembodies poetics / boulder, usa), reijo virtanen (orivesi college of arts / orivesi, fin), javier sagarna (escuela de escritores / madrid, esp), daniel soukup (literární akademie / prag, cze), orhan kipcak (schule für dichtung / wien, aut).

to end the celebrations, during the gala evening at kasino am schwarzenbergplatz/burgtheater, eacwp-members and local writers read a poem by sappho in eight different european languages (and a stanza in ancient greek).
(the texts of this events have been published in a booklet: >> 20 years vienna poetry school – anniversary texts)

the eacwp-symposion:

class anne waldman:

class amir or:

class daniel soukup:
>> (in german)

overview 20 years sfd:

members from spain, italy, finland, france,         class presentation daniel soukup & students at
czech republic and the netherlands took part     orf-kulturcafè
in the symposium                                                (© sfd)
(© sfd)

panel debate at literaturhaus wien (© sfd)         sappho in eight different languages, with
                                                                           participation of eacwp-members at kasino am
                                                                           (© burgtheater)


project "fundamentals of poetry"

in 2011, two analogue classes (in madrid, spain and orivesi, finland) and four online classes were held with students from france, the czech republic, finland, italy, austria and spain. partners in this project: escuela de escritores (madrid, spain), orivesi college of arts (orivesi, finland), scuola holden (torino, italy), aleph écriture (paris, france), literarni akademie josef skvorecky (praha, czech republic) – supported by the eu lifelong learning programme.


fundamentals of poetry/class jörg piringer, madrid 2011 from schule für dichtung vienna/sfd on Vimeo.


2010: participation of sfd in the “international conference on creativity and writing”, finland

the conference was a collaboration of the creative writing departments of the university of jyväskylä, the university of turku, oriveden opisto (orivesi college of arts) and suomen sanataideopetuksen seura SSOS (the finnish society of creative writing programmes) and eacwp.


© sfd


founding of the eacwp – european association of creative writing programmes

in september 2010, re-founding of the network as eacwp during the annual symposion at escuela de escritores, madrid. sfd was again one of the founding members. as president was elected: javier sagarna.
additionally, juergen berlakovich (sfd teacher) held a class in acoustic poetry.


"urban storytelling"

the vienna poetry school took part in the “urban storytelling” project initiated by the eacwp partner scuola holden (turin) in 2010. other project partners were the escuela de escritores (madrid) and the leipzig institute of german literature – supported by the eu's youth in action programme.
introduction lecture: matteo pericoli
marco verdura (scuola holden), mariana torres (escuela de escritores), harriet nachtmann (schule für dichtung)



"sound poetry for voice and body"

in 2008, christian ide hintze held a class at orivesi college of arts, finland. watch a video of this class here:

class christian ide hintze, orivesi (fin) 2008 from schule für dichtung vienna/sfd on Vimeo.


"european kalevala" – 5-language internet project

organised by sfd in 2006. the classes on the finnish national epic were offered in german, finnish, french, english and czech. the finnish class was part of the program at the orivesi college of art and at the university of jyväskylä.

the project was presented at the residence of the finnish ambassador in vienna with sfd-teachers and representatives attending the event.


>> (in german)

gisbert jänicke, peter kislinger, reijo virtanen, juri joensuu, marie caffari, markus hering, david saam & heini lehtonen (kamala kalina) (from left to right) © sfd / andreas urban


founding of the european network of creative writing programmes (encwp)

in 2005, encwp was founded in prague, the vienna poetry school was one of its nine founding members.


© sfd

info on eacwp >>